Millions of biblical readers and Bible teachers still have “old school” thinking when it comes to the biblical definition of “chodesh” or “rosh chodesh.” The meaning is typically the “new moon.” But the truth is, chodesh does not mean “moon” and rosh chodesh does not mean new moon.

Come, learn about Lo Adu Rosh as a postponement rule for the Feast of Trumpets or Yom Teruah. Furthermore, learn about Lo Badu Pesach which is the postponement rule for the festival of Passover.

Also, see an alternative reading for the Moon text in the Hebrew language of Psalm 104:19 and Psalm 89:36-37.

This is episode 113 and PART 17 in my DSS teaching series on the Dead Sea Scrolls. I will link the teachings to some selected texts in the New Covenant.