Every year at the end of December and moving into January, it’s always the same old story: Christmas and New Years! So, many among family and friends come together to celebrate and party hearty with good food, plenty of revelry, and generally just trying to tuck all of our negative human traits away so that we can all just try to have a great time. After all, it’s the spirit and season of “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year?” Right? C’mon, be joyful and let’s celebrate! Well, it depends if one believes in the December 25th Christmas story and the January 1st New Year.

But if you find yourself not at all enjoying getting dragged through the surrounding celebrations and festivities, at work and/or among friends and family, all the while muttering the words, “Bah Humbug! Do we have to go through this again?,” well then, you are part of a minority that simply would prefer to just run away and hide; but you know that you can’t because most of the civilized world is surrounded by something that is much larger than any of us can even begin to imagine. It’s a spiritual battle between Good and Evil in unseen realms and it is at its peak during Christmas and New Years. It’s a global culture that defines multitudes of people and goes far beyond the characterizations of ‘Ol Saint Nick, Christmas Trees, and an all-night New Year’s Eve party.

In this episode of Real Israel Talk Radio, Suzanne and I are going to take a close look into the global Christmas Tradition of the Christmas Tree and find out what it’s really all about. Surely, it’s not about a traditional 1900’s winter solstice celebration on earth; not at all. Rather, it’s all about an ancient 6,000 year old creation story rebellion involving a tree from the Garden of Eden called the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good BUT Evil;” from a realm that we cannot see with our human eyes.

What is the take-away lesson for all of us? It is to learn that Yehovah loves his creation and the people of his creation. We will come to understand that all of this End-of-December-and-First-Day-of-January revelry is not for us to embrace but rather for us to connect with people so that we can testify to Yehovah’s uncompromising love; to love the people, not their ways. It’s not an easy task for anyone but if we try to see the hearts and minds of a lost world of people aimlessly wandering through an empty spiritual desert wilderness and we try to see them in the way the Almighty Eternal One Yehovah sees them, we have a good chance to learn to love people with Yehovah’s Truth without loving their ways, despite their propensity for practices that are purely worldly festivals; celebrations that have their roots in all things pagan. This is Real Israel Talk Radio Part 3 of 3 Parts, Episode 53 – AR210102.