Every year near the end of December, it’s always the same old story: A Christmas celebration! So, many among family and friends come together to celebrate with good food, plenty of gift-giving, and generally try to put all their differences aside whilst everyone seeks to have a jolly good time. After all, it’s the spirit and season of Christmas! C’mon, be joyful! Right? Well, it depends if one believes in the December 25th Christmas story.

But if you find yourself not at all enjoying getting dragged through surrounding Christmas celebrations and festivities at work and among friends and family, all the while muttering the words, “Bah Humbug! well then, you are part of a rather tired minority that simply wants to just run away and hide; but you know that you can’t because most of the civilized world is surrounded by something much larger than any of us can even begin to imagine. It’s a global December culture that defines Catholicism and Christianity and goes far beyond the characterization of ‘Ol Saint Nick.

In this episode of Real Israel Talk Radio, Suzanne and I are going to take a close look into the global Christmas Tradition and find out what it’s really all about. But more importantly, our goal is to learn to try to understand the people around us and to connect with them through Yehovah’s uncompromising love. No, it’s not an easy task for anyone but if we try to see the hearts and minds of a lost world of people aimlessly wandering through a spiritual desert wilderness and we try to see them in the way the Almighty Eternal One Yehovah sees them, we can learn love people with Yehovah’s Truth despite their love and practices for worldly festivals that have their roots in all things pagan. This is Real Israel Talk Radio Program 1 of 3 parts, Episode 51 – AR201219.