When we recount the stoning of Stephen and his death as the first martyr, we think on his great sacrifice for what he believed. But even more importantly, perhaps, we should ask about his famous last words where he explains what his faith really was. Was he dying for a new religion invented by Jesus in the first century? Or was he a part of something that started in the garden – handed down to Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses – fulfilled by Jesus? Perhaps Stephen’s faith was more ancient than new. More Hebrew than many would like to admit. First Century Christianity wasn’t another new religious invention, but considered a sect within Judaism in the first century. And even though deep separations exists today between Christianity & Judaism, it wasn’t always that way. But if we considered our Messiah truly Hebrew, as Stephen did and died for, what would that change in how we lived out our faith? For many believers, it would radically change their faith into something more real, deep, authentic and satisfying as they return to worship in Spirit & Truth to walk as Yeshua walked.