When God expresses something, it is either by saying a word or statement OR speaking a word or statement. From this, we will learn that the Hebrew terms “say” and “speak” do not mean the same thing. Rather, they are divine terms each with a designed purpose to produce a totally different result. The Hebrew term “kavod” is translated into English as “glory” and the word “kaved” is translated as “liver.” Are these translations good OR is it possible that there is much more going on in Hebrew and that the true meanings of the terms are lost in translation?  What does tohu v’vohu mean as it is written in Genesis 1:2 – “…the earth was without form and void?” These Hebraic ideas have strict biblical definitions and we are going to have a close look into them as I will be interviewing Haim Shore, retired Israeli professor of engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; a scientific engineering professor that applies his academic disciplines to the detailed study of biblical Hebrew. This podcast addresses the Hebrew terms for divine speech and glory in the Hebrew Bible. This is Real Israel Talk. Radio – Part 1 of 2, Episode 026 of Season 2020.