The Song of Moses, the Song of the Lamb & the New Song

We know that the Song of Moses is found in Deuteronomy, but where can we find the Song of the Lamb?  How about the New Song that can only be learned by the 144,000?  Are there clues in scripture as to what the New Song will be?  What might we learn ABOUT the singers of these songs with regard to their whereabouts (during the tribulation and wrath) from the songs they sing?  You might be surprised!  This is part 1 of a 2 part introductory series.  Then we plan to dig into the details of the New Song & 144,000 that sing it!  Visit for part 2 of this message and more messages like this one.  You can also sign up for email updates letting you know each time a new message is available.  Blessings in Y’shua Messiah!