On this episode of Real Israel Talk Radio, we will continue with our in-depth look at the biblical Son of Man prophecy as it relates to Isaiah 53:4-5.

When we understand the Hebrew and Aramaic message that supports the biblical Son of Man teaching, it then gives us a wide-open door into an awesome understanding of the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53:4-5. Armed with this knowledge, we will then chase down some additional lessons about why Yeshua had to fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy for us because we could never be in any position to fulfill it ourselves based on Psalm 139:15 among other places. In preparation for our study into Challah and Kiddush, we will also have a close look into the various Hebrew words for a lump of bread dough and the Hebrew word for bread, which are also related to the Hebrew words for “joining,” “compassion,” and “salt.”

Join us for this 50-minute podcast episode, AR201128, Episode 047, Part 4 in our “Son of Man” teaching series.