On this episode of Real Israel Talk Radio we are going to continue with our deep-dive look into the biblical New Covenant concept of the “Son of Man,” as Yeshua regularly used the term in his teaching ministry.

On this program, we will closely examine the Hebrew terminology that supports the Messianic message of Isaiah 53:4-5, referred to by many as the “Suffering Servant” prophetic word. We are going to breakdown the Hebrew terminology that supports these two verses of the message and how these terms relate to the Messianic concept of the New Covenant “Son of Man.” We’ll look at the terms “Grief,” “Wounded,” “Bruised,” “Iniquity,” “Peace,” “Stripes,” “Healed.”

Join us for this 50-minute podcast episode, AR201121, Episode 046, Part 3 in our “Son of Man” teaching series.