This is PART 2 of my continued discussion with Eddie Chumney, director of Hebraic Heritage Ministries in the USA. We will be discussing the Qumran House of Tzadok Priestly authority and their festival calendar along with its historical context and prophetic significance for these days as we eagerly await the return of Yeshua the Messiah.

In this program, we will speak about Exodus 19:5-6, the Melchizedek link to the New Covenant Book of Hebrews chapters 6-8, and the exchange of the Levitical law for the higher and more superior Melchizedek law of the King/Priest Messiah. We will also look into the naming and birth of Yochanan or John the Baptist in Luke Chapter 1 as well as the significance of the ministry of John or Yochanan “the Baptist” and his immersion of Yeshua in the Jordan in Matthew 3:13 and how it relates to the ministry of Elijah in Malachi Chapters 3-4, who was a prophet divinely appointed to announce the restoration of all things before the coming of Messiah who must restore the fallen tent or Tabernacle of the House of David. Our discussion will also examine the context of Matthew 15:24-25 as it speaks about a Canaanite Woman and the bread that falls from the Master’s Table. Further, we will also look into Galatians 3:19, which concerns a reference to the law of the Levitical Priesthood and how this speaks about the Melchizedek priesthood calling in light of the Spirit and Power of Elijah.