This program of Real Israel Talk Radio is Episode 114. This is a PART 1 analysis of Yeshua’s Passion Week Chronology: His Passover to Crucifixion to His Third Day Resurrection.

The texts of the four gospel accounts report on Yeshua’s last-week crucifixion and his third-day resurrection. With this multi-series, I hope to offer plausible answers to many problematic texts in Yeshua’s “Passion Week” chronology (as it is called).

A comparison read through all the documented events does not flow as smoothly as we might like it to flow. Collectively, a read of the texts seems to appear moderately disjointed and, in some cases, downright confusing. In the past, if you have done any serious comparison readings, you will immediately notice the problems. Many centuries of biblical scholars have had similar issues. In reading through the texts, you will know the issues and the problems they create.

With today’s overview program PART 1, we will be looking at a handful of the typical itemizations of gospel narrative events in that final week of Yeshua. We will look at all the events through the lenses of some of the various religious traditions.

In upcoming episodes, we will also look into the following matters:

1) On what day was Yeshua’s crucifixion? On Passover or Unleavened Bread? (there is a difference).

2) What High Sabbath is referred to as “The Preparation Day” before The Sabbath?

3) Did Yeshua eat or not eat a ritually slaughtered Passover lamb with his disciples? If so, at what point?

4) Did Yeshua stand for interrogation before Pontius Pilate in the early morning or at noon? The gospel of John says, “at about the sixth hour” Pilate interrogated Yeshua.

5) Did Yeshua stand in front of Pilate, not once, but twice? Perhaps on two different mornings?

6) At what time and on what day was Yeshua crucified? About 9 am-3 pm (as the synoptic gospels say) or 12 noon-3 pm as the Gospel of John seemingly implies?

7) When was Yeshua’s Third Day resurrection? Did it happen on a Sabbath or on a Sunday, the first day of the week? If his resurrection was on Sabbath then at what time? Early Sabbath? Mid-Sabbath?  Late Sabbath?

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