The parsha this week from the annual Torah cycle is all about one of the first (outside the Garden, perhaps) and most famous acts of “rebellion” in the Book. And it just – OH, so coincidentally! – happens to fall right on the 248th anniversary, on the Roman calendar, of the most important revolution in “the OTHER direction” in our own history!

No less importantly, it also falls on the ‘cusp’ of the greatest contest since between “Tyranny and Liberty,” or, a bit more bluntly, those who serve Yah and those who truly despise Him. If there was ever a time to understand what “rebellion” is, and is NOT, it is now.

Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for a two-part look at parsha ‘Korach’ (Numbers chapters 16 through 18).

The Erev Shabbat reading and outline of the parsha begins with the names, and genealogy, of the “men of name, or renown,” who fomented that rebellion, and died — uniquely — for it. And it sets up all that follows.

The Sabbath Day teaching really is “a study in contrasts.” It must, of course, start with the question of rebellion, and to Whom.

But this is a time of cusp: so many cycles, plans, prophecies, and, yes, conspiracies, coming together to produce a “climax of truly Biblical proportions.” Our own history is screaming a lesson.

And all of this points to another question as well. If “Korach’s Rebellion” merited a “new thing” to serve as a sign and a lesson ever since, why isn’t the ground swallowing truly Evil people – en masse – today?

“Korach: Rebellion – a Study in Contrasts”

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