As he said he would, Rabbi Steve Berkson spends a bit more time teaching on Deuteronomy 4:9. He points out the emphasis placed on the exhortation to “guard yourself” lest you forget the words your eyes have seen. How does one “see the words”?

The second part of Deu 4:9 instructs the reader to make those words known to your children and grandchildren. How do we do that today?

Are you having trouble in your Torah observance? Rabbi Steve tells you what the number one cause.

Deu 4:16-19 talks about guarding yourself so that you don’t create idols for yourself. What is this talking about? Is it wrong to have collectibles? Is it wrong for someone who likes hunting to use decoys or put trophies on the wall?

Then comes MTOI’s favorite chapter, Deuteronomy 8! Here, Rabbi Steve addresses the question of some, “How much of the law and commandments are we really supposed to obey?” (Hint: verses 1 and 3 hold the key)

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