Continuing the journey in the Book of Hebrews towards the key verse, chapter 7, verse 22, where it talks about Messiah Yeshua being a guarantor of a “better covenant”, Rabbi Steve Berkson begins this episode in chapter 6 to provide more context building up to the understanding of The Covenant.

Picking up from where he left off in the last episode, 6:4-6, Rabbi Berkson finds a nugget of gold in verses 7-8 as it talks about ground, rain, plants and tilling, which leads him to John 15 and Matthew 13 as they connect with those things and how they relate and apply to our own lives.

Then, moving on through chapter 6, we look at “eagerness vs. sluggishness” and how it relates to belief and patience. Rabbi Berkson coins a phrase “eagerness shift”. Have you experienced this in your walk?

If you’ve ever been told that the Book of Hebrews is just too hard to understand, then you definitely should watch this episode. Rabbi Berkson breaks down verse by verse, passage by passage, passionately relating the revealed meanings so that you understand and benefit.


• Hebrews 6:7-8, what is the ground and who does the tilling?

• Why would Yeshua tells his disciples to “stay in Him”?

• What happens to “thorns and thistles” or a branch that is no longer a part of the tree?

• John 15:11, has joy been done away with?

• Who is the “Tiller of the Ground”?

• What is an “eagerness shift”?

• Hebrews 6:19 talks about an “anchor of the life”–what does an anchor do?

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