What does it mean to “come to Him”? What is our part? What is His part?

Is King David from long ago coming back to life to reign in Israel again?

When was “The Covenant” in effect? With whom was it made?

How are teachers different from prophets?

When it comes to His commandments, statutes and ordinances, are you observing and keeping them, or are you guarding them?

Are there “Gentile Believers”? Who are the “sons of the foreigners” spoken of in Isaiah 56? How does one “join themselves” to Yahweh?

Covering Isaiah chapters 55 and 56, Rabbi Steve Berkson emphasizes the need to aim higher and elevate your thoughts through having a relationship with the Word of The Creator. He also spends a fair amount of time on “guarding” the Torah as opposed to merely keeping or observing it.

Then, getting started in Jeremiah chapter 31, Rabbi Steve relates how the Covenant at Sinai was actually a marriage ceremony between Yahweh and His people. From that, Rabbi Steve gives vital instruction to those who would enter into marriage and those who would renew their vows.

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