What is significant about a “teacher’s wisdom”? (Proverbs 5:1) Who (or what) is this “strange woman” we find in Proverbs 5:3?

Yeshua talked about the “leaven of the Pharasees”–what was that? How many people does it take to “make peace”?

What does it mean to validate each other’s position and feelings when dealing with conflicts in relationship?

Why does Yaakov (James) call his readers “adulterers and adulteresses”? (James 4:4)

Rabbi Steve Berkson continues with the topic of how wisdom, understanding and knowledge relate to keeping covenant with the Almighty. In this teaching he continues to explore the word “bitter” as it is used in scripture.

Also more Covenant-Life coaching as Rabbi Steve imparts some of the wisdom he has acquired over the time he’s spent counseling many people in many phases of this covenant walk.

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