Continuing on our journey through the book of Proverbs we are staying with the topic of how wisdom, understanding and knowledge relate to keeping covenant with the Almighty. In this episode Rabbi Steve Berkson continues looking at the references of “wormwood” to discover the relevance for you today.

We also discover that a majority of what we read in the writings of the Apostles (New Testament) can be found as having already been said and written about in the Tanak (Old Testament). Rabbi Steve gives an example of that in the verse from Jeremiah 23:28 that talks of the chaff and wheat relating it to a parable given by Yeshua in Matthew 13.

Why aren’t we in the Hebrew Roots, Messianic Movement, Torah Observant group seeing the manifestation of miracles like perhaps the Christian group claiming to see?

Rabbi Steve tells us his mandate in teaching the Body of Messiah. He also gives us his view on eschatology (study of the end time) and gives a synopsis of his teaching on that subject.

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