Continuing the thought, The Role and Effect of Remembering What Yah Has Done on Keeping Covenant, Rabbi Steve Berkson takes us to more examples from scripture.

Going through a quick recap of last week’s teaching from Psalm 106: How are we to approach Elohim Most High? How does Yah consider the way we treat earthly leadership? What is one of the roles of leadership?

Continuing in Psalm 106: What is the dangerous mindset when reading scripture? How can mainstream Christianity say that the law (Torah) was done away with when we see in scripture that we provoke or please Elohim by our deeds/works/actions? Should we have any interaction with the World? To what degree? What does “tickle the ears” mean? The psalmist said, “He remembered His covenant…”–what covenant is El remembering? Abrahamic or Sinai?

Then Rabbi Steve wraps up this teaching by taking us to Psalm 111. There the psalmist says the works of Yah are righteous and those who love them search for them.

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