In 1 Chronicles 16 we see within a song of praise that went up in thanksgiving there is a “covenantal-mindset”. What is that “covenantal-mindset”? What happened to Israel when the “covenantal-mindset” faded away?

1 Chronicles 16:22 is the statement, “Do not touch my anointed ones, and do My prophets no evil.” What does this mean? Could you be accused of having done this?

What does it mean to be a Light to this World?

To whom were the prophets typically sent? How do you see that being abused today?

Continuing with, “The Role and Effect of Leadership on Covenant Keeping”, Rabbi Steve Berkson wants you to embrace two things; 1) that it is your responsibility to find good leadership, anointed and appointed leadership, and, 2) put yourself under and be submissive to that authority. The reason for this is that in the scriptures we see the leadership, whether a prophet or a sovereign, being the one given the greater vision for the people. Also, the leadership are those who set the expectation and standard as to the commitment of the people to hold fast to the Covenant.

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