Continuing with, “The Role and Effect of Leadership on Covenant Keeping”, Rabbi Steve Berkson takes us on a journey through the books of 1 & 2 Kings where he shows us examples in King Solomon and the Northern Kingdom of Israel of what happens when those in leadership cause real problems for those for whom they are responsible by not upholding their side of the Covenant.

What is the key element of the relationship between the Creator and His people?

How does a man with a wife who is not covenanted run his household according to the Covenant?

How does a woman who is the wife of a man who is not covenanted deal with her husband while not breaking covenant with her Elohim?

What is the punishment for being contrary to your Elohim?

What was the main reason the Northern Kingdom of Israel was thrown out of the Land?

Are you allowing non-Covenanted teachers to have influence and authority in your life?

This may be the strongest teaching of the series yet.

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