Completing the Book of Hebrews, Rabbi Steve Berkson takes us to Hebrews 13:7 where he once again points out the author’s emphasis on the need for us to be lead by one who is anointed and appointed; one who is leading by example. We must be careful of those teachers who bring “various and strange teachings” which do not benefit anyone, but rather, toss the hearers around like a ball on the ocean.

Then we go into the letter from James (Ya’akov) which is intended for the twelve tribes and those who would be grafted in. How can you be joyful in a trial? How do you know if you are going through a trial? What does the term ‘trial’ mean? How do you get wisdom? What does “double-minded” mean? Does HaSatan (the devil) cause all bad things to happen to you? Does YHVH ever change?

This teaching is packed with amazing insight, knowledge and wisdom from the Holy Spirit through Rabbi Steve. You’ll want to listen through it more than once to get it all. This is the stuff your spirit craves, so it can grow.

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