Parsha “Naso” (Numbers 4:21 through chapter 7) continues with the numbers – this time the other sons of Levi, and their assignments, but continues with SO much more. Including what Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship suggests is one of the most central in Scripture, even if is perhaps also one of the most ‘overlooked.’

But it is notable for so many reasons: A look at authority in marriage, and beyond. And, at the same time, a procedure for what turns out to be the only enumerated process in the Torah for which a miracle is mandated as a result!

And then there’s the ‘longest chapter in the Book,’ and most redundant, too. Why?

The Erev Shabbat reading:

The Sabbath Day midrash begins with an observation about a common thread that connects every aspect of the apparently disparate elements of this parsha, submission, and the Authority to which it is rendered.

But it is the ‘cup of abominations’ that not only ties the pieces together, but should help us understand what it at play today, and coming to a head ‘soon’.

“Naso: Submission and Authority”

The combined two-part teaching is (finally!) here: