What is the “righteousness revealed” of which the prophet Isaiah spoke? (Isa 56).

Who is the foreigner who has attached himself to Yahweh?

What is the “eunuch” who calls himself a dry tree?

Can you fully understand the writings of the Apostles (New Testament) without understanding the Tanak (Old Testament)?

If the Jewish people have been rejected and replaced, why did Yeshua say, “deliverance is of the Yehud?im.”? (John 4:22) Does this have anything to do with Zechariah 8:23?

Rabbi Steve Berkson continues to connect the dots between the words of the prophets and the words of Yeshua and the Apostles, helping us to see a clearer picture of the purpose of the Father in sending His Son, Messiah Yeshua, and how it relates to who we are, discovering our identity.

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