Rabbi Steve Berkson addresses the topic of “Yeshua knows our thoughts and our struggle with authority”.

We begin with the event where Yeshua healed a person by simply saying “Your sins be forgiven you”, which caused an uproar with the religious leaders of the time, accusing Yeshua of blasphemy. They could not accept the authority of Yeshua as Messiah because of their predisposed thinking of who the Messiah should be. Yeshua didn’t fit their paradigm.

What does “blasphemy” mean? Can just anyone commit “blasphemy”?

What is meant by “the reign (kingdom) of Elohim (God) has come upon you”?

Do you struggle with recognizing the authority of those you interact with?

Have you found the teacher or leader who is meant for you? He may not be according to your paradigm, but this is the reason you are here–to figure out whose authority you are under, your’s?, haSatan’s?, Yahweh’s?. Who do you think is in charge?

This teaching is full of practical application material that will definitely keep you on the path to the Kingdom.

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