Each year at the season of Passover, multitudes of millions of Jewish people from all over the world, as well as those who are not natively born to the Jewish faith and culture, all gather together around each of their local family tables to remember a very special festival that is called Passover in the Bible. Why do they do this? What does it all mean, and particularly, HOW is the Passover table service conducted?

With today’s episode of Real Israel Talk Radio (with an extended running time of one hour and 42 minutes),  I am going to present to you what I understand and appreciate about the Passover.  I will share with you my version of the biblical Haggadah or retelling of the Passover story. However, I will tell you the story from my point of view rather than from the culturally typical Jewish point of view. This means the readings and explanations that you will hear me speak about from my Haggadah will present according to a more non-traditional Jewish Seder. Essentially, my focus IS NOT designed to elevate the customary “fun” of the Passover with all of its typical table rituals, songs, and ceremonies that have come to shape the Jewish Passover of today. From my point of view, most of those rituals and ceremonies are merely SHADOWS of the True Passover as it relates to an unseen REALITY. My Passover Haggadah is designed to help us understand NOT WHAT the Passover is as a series of songs, prayers, and fun family time, but rather WHO the Passover is from a redemptive point of view.

From my point of view, the Passover service is NOT a noun to elevate all the related ceremonies and table rituals of the event because I think this is a mistaken focus. As you will come to see from this program, the Passover is a verb designed to elevate an all-important Messianic redemption, which will point us to the solemn actions of the One called Yeshua, the Messiah. As I understand the event, the Passover, is about honoring the Messianic narratives of the New Covenant. Please, do come along for this journey into learning about the Passover from our presently-unseen Messianic Redeemer – One who WAS, who IS, and who IS TO COME.