Let’s be quite honest with ourselves. All relationships contain conflicts that will, at times, challenge and test one’s patience. However, if one is a believer in Yeshua and seeking to walk in a Spirit-filled life of Torah and Truth, relational challenges with a marital partner can oftentimes be even more of a struggle because of a war that exists between the flesh and the spirit. Now, if this is not enough, emotional childhood and adulthood traumas and physiological dysfunctions such as ADHD can add even more stresses to relationships, regardless of whether they fall within the context of marriage or not.

On this episode of Real Israel Talk Radio my guest is Melissa Orlov who specializes in ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Melissa Orlov is an international author, lecturer, and “go-to” trainer for a number of marriage counselors who specifically deal with ADHD and marriage or as Dr. Edward Hallowell explains: marriage to an ADHD partner is like living with a person who has a race-car brain with bicycle brakes. Melissa Orlov’s advice is not limited only to ADHD marriages. The good news is that her principles can be applied to all relationships whether you are married or not.

Join us here on Real Israel Talk Radio for 50 minutes of discussion with Melissa Orlov, author of the bestselling book, “The ADHD Effect on Marriage,” available on her website https://www.adhdmarriage.com/, along with many other resources to help you learn to thrive in your relationships.

This is Real Israel Talk Radio AR201017 Episode 041.