It appears from all the signs and events we are witnessing these days; that we might, in fact, be drawing ominously near towards the fulfilment of the biblical “Mark of the Beast” End of Days prophetic words of the Bible. With many “out there” giving us teachings about the number 666, I would like to present my thoughts about the way in which we will be able to identify this “beast,” though not just “him,” but also to identify the movement or spirit that is pushing the 666 agenda. On this episode, we will look at the secret society number “A113,” which is linked to the technology called “AI” – Artificial Intelligence. We will also have a look at the well-known Hollywood big screen number “322” as it links to Genesis 3:22. Plus, we’ll look at the number of man, which is “45” and “311.” These are all secret society codes and symbols for the New World Order and you will see how they are used to tell the world what’s coming and yet what is not coming. Join me for about an hour and I’ll explain things as I am perceiving them being fulfilled in these days. This is Program episode 021, Part 2 of 2 parts.