It appears from all the signs and events we are witnessing these days; that we might, in fact, be drawing ominously near towards the fulfilment of the biblical “Mark of the Beast” End of Days prophetic words of the Bible. With many “out there” giving us teachings about the number 666, I would like to present my thoughts about the way in which we will be able to identify this “beast,” though not just “him,” but also to identify the movement or spirit that is pushing the 666 agenda. So, what is this “Mark of the Beast” as it is referenced for us in Revelation 13:18? Permit me to put it this way: I think it’s more than just a human microchip or “tattoo” on the right hand or on the forehead. Join me for about an hour and I’ll explain it as I am perceiving how all this is being fulfilled these days. This is Program episode number 020, Part 1 of 2 parts.