Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa looks at the Scriptures associated with the first Sabbath of the final Fall Feasts, Sukkot, or “Tabernacles”.

The Erev Shabbat overview teaching is a look at Leviticus 22:26 through 23:44, the description of the Feasts of YHVH, and why we are to keep them throughout our generations, in “all our dwelling places”.

The Sabbath Day teaching includes a look at other aspects of Scripture for these times, including the haftorah and a look at the Book of Zecharia:

The climax of the Fall Feasts – the first Sabbath of Sukkot, the Moedim of YHVH we have been told to remember and do, as best we can, here in exile – forever.

We see IN-credible Big Whoppin’ Lies being foisted – and revealed as such, to those with “eyes to see”. We see Evil literally running amok. And we see prophecies being fulfilled, perhaps NOT for the first time.

And we know that there is a real point to remembering His feasts, and doing our best to learn what He has for us.

Sukkot – What about THIS season? Now, and ahead!

The combined part 1 and 2 files for both sections are up here, and available for download and off-line listening: