This week Parsha Yitro (Exodus/Shemot chapters 18 through 20) begins with the arrival of Yitro (aka ‘Jethro’) at the camp of the ‘mixed multitude’, along with Moshe’s wife Zipporah and his two sons, but it’s certainly true that the part of the story for which is most famous happens at Mount Sinai.

The Erev Shabbat overview of the whole parsha tells us about Yitro’s arrival, his understanding of the Real Elohim that follows, some excellent advice for his son-in-law, and of course the lead-up and giving of the “Ten Debarim,” (words, sayings, commandments):

Mark again asks a couple of question to set up the Sabbath day midrash:

What belongs to US? What is His? And what ever happened to these ‘Ten Commandments’?

And the answer, for reasons that will be made clear, has to do with exactly where we are today, spiritually, and prophetically.

“Yitro: Permitted Reach – and Beyond, Biden and Ahab”

The combined two-part podcast is here: