The Torah parsha reading for this week is “Shoftim” (Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9) — and it begins, “Judges [shoftim] and officers you shall make in all your gates…”

…which, if you thing about it, tells us right off the top why we’ve gone so far “off the rails.” But there’s FAR more.

Among other things, this week, Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship tackles what follow-up verses like “Justice, JUSTICE you shall purse” might mean, when it would seem to not only NOT be ‘pursued,’ but even ALLOWED in lands which so thoroughly despise His Word.

And is that too hard of an assessment? Then ‘stay tuned!’

The sequence begins with the Erev Shabbat reading and outline:

There is again the recurring major theme of idolatry, and His hatred of such. The warning that people would see the consequences, and “hear, and fear,” is also repeated in this parsha, too. (Now it seems, conversely, that the Satanic Elite want those who follow Yah to hear, and fear. But that, too, is a big part of the lesson.)

The Sabbath teaching is a look at contrasts. Notice, for example, right up front that the commandment is to make “judges and officers…in ALL YOUR GATES.” In other words, locally. Where we could have watched them, known first-hand if they were corrupt, or showed the kind of ‘favoritism’ (to put it mildly) that the FBI has become legendary for.

But it’s not just that “justice, JUSTICE,” is no longer even a realistic option.

Things changed, arguably irrevocably, this week when the CCPuppetFuhrer made an open declaration of war against not just at least half of the once-free country, but the very God that wiser, far better men once declared to be the Author of “self-evident Truths,” and Endower of Rights that came from Him, not those who so clearly hate Him.

Their hatred is not just for those who forlornly hope to “Make America Great Again.” Especially in the absence of Trust in YHVH. At this point, it seems that the only people who could deny that AmeriKa and this whole world are sorely DESERVING of His judgment are those who don’t believe He even exists (or He’d have already done it!)

The Remnant who Overcome will have to “Make America God-FEARING Again”.

“Shoftim: ‘Justice, JUSTICE’ won’t be allowed…so maybe it’s time for…

The combined two-part podcast is here: