This week we begin the study of a new Book, and a new phase of the story, in parsha ‘Shemot,’ (Exodus 1:1 through 6:2).

And it begins with an evil ruler who fears people that seem stronger than he, and thus wants to enslave them, and who especially wants to kill all the male children. Does it sound familiar yet? Admittedly, evil tyrants today want to kill ALL the children, and particularly to emasculate the young boys, but it’s a pattern Scripture makes clear.

On Erev Shabbat, Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa first covers the whole story, following the times of the original ‘sons of Israel’. The story gives us the first example in the Bible of very special women who DON’T believe the Whore Church rendering of Romans 13 (GIV, ‘Government-Inspired Version) — and, no doubt amazing to some, aren’t punished by an angry god for their disobedience. And it follows then the life of a young Moses, who begins a long process of becoming one of the central figures in Scripture.

But during the Sabbath day teaching this week, Mark takes a deeper look at the women in this first part of the story. Without them, there would have been no boy to grow up into Moshe.

The fact that this teaching emphasizes that part of the history, and is SO ‘politically incorrect’, is a big part of the reason why it is also SO important, and why a world that has made key elements of His Word SO ‘untouchable’ is such a stinkin’ mess. It’s also why the term “Covenant with Death” figures so prominently: Because it’s so True.

And THIS time, there is a ‘Bad Guy’. Actually, lots of ’em, and they serve the same master.

They’re not hiding it any more, either.

“Shemot: When did Nurturing get replaced by a ‘Covenant with Death’?”

The combined two-part podcast is here: