Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for a look at parsha “Shemini” (Leviticus chapters 9 through 12).

And for reasons that will be made clear, Mark refers to this particular portion as one that might represent the heart of “Torah 101”.

In the Erev Shabbat review of what that means, the story begins with the events of the ‘eighth (shemini) day’ and continues to the tragedy of the deaths of Nadav and Abihu after they offer something NOT commanded (aka, ‘strange fire’).

In the Sabbath day teaching, Mark explores in more depth the “Torah 101” aspects of the parsha, and the things that men have said He SHOULD have said, if only He was as smart as they think they are. Ironically, the thing that got Nadav and Abihu killed.

And the rest of the story only STARTS with food. More things that haven’t changed, but will get more people killed. But again, just for starters…

…this portion touches the heart of so very much that is wrong today, and why. It’s at the core of what we need to “come out of” given what He has long warned is coming.

“Shemini: Torah 101 and What Needs Discerning”

The combined part 1 and 2 files for both sections are up here, and available for download and off-line listening: