Most of the time, the services from Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship include a look at the overall weekly Torah portion, followed later on by a look at some “current events” that relate to lessons “for such a time as this.”

This week, for parsha “Noach” (Genesis chapters 6 through 11), Mark decided to “reverse the order,” for reasons that should be clear. Since the story of Noach (aka ‘Noah,’ or evev Noe in the KJV) and The Flood are reasonably well-known (even if there’s a WHOLE lot folks learned in sun-day-skool that’s Just Plain Wrong!) and we’re told in Matthew 24 that “as it was in the time of Noah” it either will be, or more to the point – already IS, it makes sense to outline some of that up front:

Having set the stage for some of the ‘parallels,’ it’s time to turn to the specifics of the Days of Noach:

The Sabbath Day portion of the combined teaching is almost a “part 2” of what the prophecy about “as it was in the Days of Noach” means, with two specific focus elements:

– how does ‘the earth was filled with ‘chamas’ REALLY look? Does that word mean more than just “violence” (hint: Yes!)

– and something Mark-the-engineer likens to “the Filtering Process”. How does He separate “wheat from chaff,” the ‘dross’ from precious silver or gold, those who are swept away from those who CHOOSE to be LEFT BEHIND!? (The ‘Rapture Cult’ really does seem to have gotten the message from both the time of Noach, and the Messiah, BACKWARD.)

“Noach: As it was in the days of, part II,
– OR –
The Filtering Process”

The combined podcast with all three elements is here: