Parsha Mishpatim (Exodus/Shemot chapters 22 through 24) is said to contain over 11.5% of all the Mishpatim, or commandments, in the Torah. And it’s now just about the most “politically-INcorrect” of all, too. Which says even more about a society that so hates His Word.

This is the first set of instruction that follows the giving of the ‘Ten Commandments,’ and appears to continue a theme; YHVH brought them – and all of us – out of bondage, and then explains how to build a society, and live in His freedom.

This next installment then follows with a caution about the alternative.

The Erev Shabbat overview of the whole parsha :

There is a warning associated with the Sabbath day ‘deeper look’. Yahushua told us that, evidently speaking of such a time as this, many would be offended, and hate one another (especially for His sake, and Truth), and the love of many would grow cold.

Lately, it almost seems as if that might even be an understatement.

Which turns out to be the point.

“Mishpatim: Through which all the Dots Connect…”

The combined two-part podcast is here: