Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for a two-part look at parsha ‘Lekh Lekha’ (Genesis chapters 12through 17) and the first installment of the life of one of THE most important figures in Scripture, and in our faith, and the man who is literally THE ‘patriarch,’ Abraham.

And we start this time before he was re-named, but with an introduction which speaks of the level of faith he would demonstrate, from his very first recorded actions.

The Erev Shabbat overview and reading lays out the story, and the context:

This is also a story that is so foundational that we might tend to ‘blur’ some of the details, but it is important to understand “what did he know, and when did he know it?” when we study the connections.

The Sabbath day study begins with a reminder that there is “no idle word,” in Scripture, and that the elements we are told may cause us to wonder, “why is this element of the story important?”

And that is particularly true since Abraham is at the heart of several of the most “controversial” aspects of modern teachings that twist that “faith” in order to support what Mark contends is probably THE Biggest Lie that is Never IN Scripture: that ‘the Law’ has been ‘done away with.’

But, after all – do we “believe YHVH” or just believe IN Him?

“Lekh Lekha: ‘By faith, our father Abraham…”

The combined two-part teaching is here: