Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for a two-part look at parsha (Lekh Lecha, Gen/Bereshiet chapters 12 through 17) where in this case we can hopefully say, “we’ve heard the PROMISES,” but, still, it’s the modern parallels that should certainly get our attention today.

First, the Erev Shabbat overview of the entire portion:

The Sabbath Day teaching focuses on Abram/Abraham the MAN, human and flawed, and the man of faith. And the fact that he ‘came out of” a pagan world, although, as Mark will suggest, perhaps not nearly so pagan as the world today.

Abram was told to “get out of there,” and leave the place he had lived, and most of his kin, and go to a place that he would be told later. No hotel reservations, no tour books, just go.

And yet today – we’ve all heard something like this – “I hate my job,” “this is a lousy place to raise kids,” and they even want to do all kinds of things to me and my family that I know just aren’t right.

There’s more of vital importance right now in this portion than you might even have thought.

“Lekh Lecha: Abraham’s Faith in His Pagan World – vs Ours in This One”

The combined two-part podcast is here: