This week the annual Torah cycle means we begin the study of the final Book in the Torah: Devarim, or, literally, “the WORDS” that Moshhe spoke to the ‘sons of Israel” during the final days of his life.

why it is that this nation and world are utterly collapsing as men and institutions built on trust are no longer even worthy of contempt.

Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for a two-part study of the introduction to what is sometimes thought of as “THE” essence of the Torah, the ‘second’ telling, the basis for the English Common Law, and the most-quoted reference during the entire American Founding Era by those who crafted what was once, at least, the Supreme Law of this land.

First, the Erev Shabbat reading and outline:

The Sabbath teaching focuses on the ‘essence’ of what Moses seems to be laying out here; not just a bit of history as an introduction to what follows, but the structure of on of the most ancient, and arguably the most important Covenants in human history.

And there’s a contrast here that must not be missed.

“Debarim: Pick a Covenant That Will Be KEPT”

…and choose wisely!

The combined two-part podcast is here: