Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship a two-part study of the first part of the “plagues of Egypt” (Exodus 10:1 through 13:16)

“Bo,” or GO to Pharoah, is how the final installment of the story of the ten (or, three sets of three, plus one) plagues of Egypt ends, as the command to remember and TEACH it, as the Passover, begins.

The final plague in the sequence, death of the firstborn, is indeed different, for several reasons. And all of those shed great light on the narrative, and the nature of what is, and is NOT, happening now.

Mark sets out the overview in the Erev Shabbat teaching:

The final plague is particularly unique in that it not only requires the children of Israel to DO something specific, in order to see HOW Yahuah will “put a difference” between His people and those who will see suffer the death of the firstborn, but a repeated commandment to remember and teach it to our children, and children’s children, forever.

This story creates a narrative that is to be taught, and thus shape our lives and culture. It is, and was, supposed to be “forever”. And the fact that it has been so generally ignored, and the narrative even replaced with pagan, even “death-oriented” narratives, instead is vital to understand, and CORRECT, while there is time.

“Bo: Narratives are the Battleground!”

The combined two-part teaching is here: