Parsha Bo (Exodus/Shemot 10:1 through 13:16) completes the “plagues” part of the Exodus from Egypt that led to the delivery of the mixed multitude of the sons of Israel from bondage. In the process it also introduces the “beginning of months for you” and outlines WHY what also happens is of such vital importance that we are to keep this feast “FOREVER” (whether we have been taught that Truth by a paganized ‘church’ or not!)

The Erev Shabbat overview:

The parallels (or, with all due respect to Mark Twain) the “rhymes” in both history and prophecy between that time and now) are hard to ignore.

Last week, Mark observed that this nation and this world faces either judgments or plagues, and ultimately both. This week it became pretty clear that it’s judgment, and soon.

A totalitarian regime, using the unholy alliance of a “public-private partnership” combining government powers of censorship and coercion with allegedly “private”, but monopolistically huge businesses, is systematically shutting down communications — especially when it serves the ‘prince of this world.’

How can what Yahuah and His Word be so silenced?

But wait just a minute. Moses had no access to Two-Faced Book. He didn’t tweet. There as no “mass communications” prior to the original Exodus. And yet literlly MILLIONS of people got the message: “Ani Yahuah!!!”

So what is the message WE should get? Mark has some observations that run the gamut.

“Bo: Bring on the Plagues!”

The combined two-part teaching is here: