Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for a look at parsha “Bemidbar” (Bemidbar/Numbers 1:1 through 4:20) where we begin the story of what happens “In the Wilderness”, with a lot of numbers to boot.

In the Erev Shabbat review, after a bit of background about why BOTH the Hebrew and English names for the Book are pretty apropos, we talk not only about some of the ‘numbers’, but why they’re important enough to make such a big deal about.

SSM Bemidbar 2019

By now, most regular listeners to Mark Call’s “no holds barred, no PC left unexposed” in-depth Torah studies will know that “Torah-as-Written” is going to offend those not even quite ready for ‘milk’. But this week’s Sabbath teaching also takes note of the fact that many of us will celebrate Shavout, the final of this year’s Spring Feasts, this weekend.

And for reasons that will hopefully make sense after this review (and go well beyond the usual ‘rabbinic’ rationale!) THIS year the confluence of Scripture and Societal Situation make the message seem not only poignant, but prescient.

In other words, it’s almost impossible to deny that He clearly has a Plan. And it’s about choosing life, and His redemption:

“Bemidbar and Shavuot: What does ‘lifting the head’, ‘yibum’, the Book of Ruth, and even seduction have to do with Modern ‘SodameriKa’?”