Parsha “Beha’alotecha” (Numbers chapters 8 through 12) is a reading that spans what seems to be a number of ‘disparate’ stories. Is there a common theme?

The Erev Shabbat reading:

The Sabbath Day midrash is all about ‘prophets’. Moses, elsewhere, writes about a prophet ‘like unto Moses’ that will eventually appear. In this parsha, we get some of the details about what that might look like – and ultimately did.

But there’s more, and it includes the haftorah and Brit Chadasha readings, too. And there are a lot of questions that might help us ‘connect some dots.’

Like, who are Eldad and Medad, and why are those two named, when the other 70 that we to help Moses’ burdens were NOT? And who are those two witnesses in Revelation chapter 11?

And why does Moses self-describe as the most ‘meek’ (or is it something more?) man on the planet?

“Beha’alotecha: Prophets, Witnesses, and Being Teachable”

The combined two-part teaching is here: