Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for a study of parsha “Beha-alotecha” (Bemidbar/Numbers chapters 8 through 12) and the related Scriptures that give us a bit more insight into the ‘cycles’ still being repeated.

In the Erev Shabbat review, the story begins with the instruction to Aaron via Moses concerning “when you light the lamps” of the menorah. That is followed by the cleansing, consecration, and even ‘waving’ of the Levites, who serve “in place of” the firstborn, what the silver trumpets are for, and a bit more of the story that has a WHOLE lot to say, both then and still, about human nature.

The Sabbath day message again explores the cycles of human history and Biblical prophecy. Mark-the-engineer begins by noting that cycles can be confusing, since they repeat, but unless we undertand which PART of a cycle we are looking at, the pattern might only not be obvious, it might appear backward.

And from there he combines several of the continuing aspects of human nature evident in this week’s parsha, and a lot of things that we have HEARD, but which, out of context, we’ve also seen twisted…to the point where many of them have even been turned ‘upside down’.

The combined link is here:

“Beha-alotecha: Human Nature – the Opposite Half-Cycle – and Evil”