Parsha “Acharei Mot” (Leviticus chapters 16 through 18) is the regular reading for this week, following the Feast of Unleavened Bread. But we did take a look at that week, Mark decided to look at some of the ‘common elements,’ including statutes and ordinances that span the gap between chapters 18 and then 19, which begins parsha “Kedoshim.”

The Erev Shabbat reading explains the rationale, and the understanding to ‘be ‘qadosh‘ [set-apart, or ‘holy’] because “I AM” qadosh.

It is undeniable, when reading from the end of chapter 28 of Leviticus, and the fact that YHVH says that for committing these ‘abominations’ the land literally “vomited out” those inhabitants. And then He then continues, that “YOU shall be set-apart, For I YHVH am ‘qadosh.’

And looking at the news, and the fact that virtually EVERY SINGLE transgression and outright abomination He outlines is now being subsidized, taught in the cesspools, and even mandated as political correctness – AmeriKa, and most of the West, are due for judgment, if not extreme vomiting out.

What does that say to the rest of us?

into Kedoshim: Things that Matter When Things Come Apart “

The combined two-part teaching is here: