This week it looks like even the Supreme Court is ready to admit that the longstanding Big Lie about the sacrament of abortion is just legal BS. And those who prattle about a ‘right to choose’ — death to kids at least — while they infringe and throttle actual God-given Rights are shrieking like demons who are afraid their days of massive child sacrifice are almost over.

Meanwhile, Scary Poppins is proving that Orwell was right, if a bit optimistic, and AmeriKa’s Most Successful Whore EVER is showing that her deceptiveness is exceeded only by her hubris. While the Senile Imposter continues to claim those who don’t drink his Kool-Aid are the Worst Terrorists Ever.

And it all makes the same point.

Things are certainly coming to a head. And people will either speak up NOW for what is right – or forever hold their peace. Or rest in it.