‘When the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?’

This week it looks like even the Supreme Court is ready to admit that the longstanding Big Lie about the sacrament of abortion is just legal BS. And those who prattle about a ‘right to choose’ — death to kids at least — while they infringe and throttle actual God-given Rights that aren’t just emimations and penumbras are shrieking like demons who lost their ticket to Kiddie Porn Mountain in the Majic Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Scary Poppins is proving that Orwell was right, if a bit optimistic, and AmeriKa’s Most Successful Whore EVER is showing that her deceptiveness is exceeded only by her hubris.

And it all makes the same point.

It has never been more vital to reject Evil, choose life, and speak His Truth. And do it now, because this can’t last much longer.