Marital “Turmoil?” Domestic Abuse Defined


Join my guest, Rachel Peters, Domestic Abuse Advocate, as she discusses a topic that most do not want to hear about but may very well need to hear about. Perhaps you or someone you know has questions about whether a “troubled” marriage is actually an abusive marriage…come join Rachel as she speaks words of wisdom!


May be an image of one or more people and text that says '" When you hear of someone going through a separation, that is not the time to say, "What are you doing to save your marriage?" It is time to say, "How can I help you while you heal?" RACHEL PETERS'

Says Rachel…

“This is just one of the resources I use in helping women identify abuse in their life. Not only does it give them language to describe their situation but it also helps them to see that what is happening to them is not right.

All abuse is physical… but many times it doesn’t leave visible bruises or broken bones.

If you can identify with this, let’s start building your team. Let’s get you the help you need.”

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Do you know someone who is living in an abusive relationship and needs someone to talk to?
Are you yourself needing someone to believe you and support you as you wrestle with the things done to you?
Are you scared to trust someone once again for fear of being judged and tossed aside like trash?
Do you need someone to listen, encourage, believe and love you?
Whatever your story, I’m here for you. I would love to meet up for lunch or coffee… my treat!