King Charles Multi-faith & VERY Religious Coronation

Watch Complete Video – Click Here!  Which took place May 6, 2023 which this year is the biblical 2nd Passover! Was this the covenant with the many that Daniel was told about? Representatives from several different religions including Muslim, Sikh, Hindu & Jewish actually took part in the king’s coronation. Is king Charles only going to be allowed a pre-planned 7 year reign? He’s 73, will his reign end when he’s 80 (Psalms 90)? That will also be the year 2030… think Agenda 2030. Is Prince William already scheduled to take over in 2030 when he turns 40? We sure have A LOT of biblical numbers here! You decide. We are told to watch so that the day does not overtake us as a thief. Help us to sound the shofar by sharing this video and all of our others.Hindu “Traditionalism” and other new age religion books, has a prominent “Green Man” on his coronation invitations and it is considered by some Jewish publications that he will be a “good King for the Jews”. Get the facts here & then watch for yourselves!

Updated Revelation Time Chart too!