If God Can Heal His People, Why is the Church so Sick? Pt 2 Jan 28, 2019.

That is the title of our new Video Presentation now available to watch on YouTube at Messianic Lamb Radio’s new “Lamb Network” as well as our book available at www.HisWordHeals.com .  This program is Part 2 of the audio version of that presentation where we share our years of research into biblical healing and what YHWH’s Word says and promises about it.  Did you know the children of Israel actually made an idol out of the brass serpent Moses was told to lift up on a pole in the wilderness for the Israelite’s healing when they sinned?  Who tore it down?  Do we as a society worship this same idol today?  What are some things that biblically can either hinder or help our being healed.  Are their things warned about in His Word that can cause sickness and disease?  Who is our Healer and how do we know His promises of healing are for us today.  What three kings in the OT are an example for us today regarding healing and sickness?  In this program and in our book we answer all these questions and more with scriptures from His Word.  Remember His Word (Y’shua) made flesh healed His People 2000 years ago and His Word can still Heal His People today!

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