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Would you believe this journey on The Remnant Road has been going on since July 2015? For three and a half years we have been traveling this highway toward the Israel. Not just the modern State of Israel, but the prophesied restoration of the entire nation of Israel!
In case you might have missed it, that’s what our shows have been all about – fulfilment of the largest body of prophecy in the whole Bible. That’s why Hanoch has been with us to share his Jewish perspective as one of the House of Judah who has lived out prophecy and returned to the Land of our fathers. That’s also why Al, Mike, and Barry have consistently talked about the Ephraimite perspective: the awakening of our half of the nation to our identity as the House of Joseph, the non-Jewish part of Israel.
We’ve all done our best to share with you the hope we have for the coming restoration of both Houses of Israel in the hand of Messiah Son of David. Much has happened in that process since The Remnant Road first aired on Hebrew Nation, and there is still so much more before the process is complete! However, our road has at last come to its destination. The journey isn’t over, but this part of it is. All of us are moving on to new assignments, but we will still be in touch – and probably collaborating on other projects before too long!
We leave you this final conversation in which we share our thoughts about where we are in this restoration process. What have we seen in 2018, and what might we see in 2019 and beyond? That’s the theme of this, our last show!

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