Veterans Day Special

On November 11, the United States, like Great Britain, Australia, and other nations touched by World War I, remember the warriors who have served their countries. That custom has stood for 100 years, ever since the end of World War I in 1918. In the United States, the day is known as Veterans Day, and it is celebrated not only on the actual 11th day of November, but as an official holiday on the Monday closest to the actual date.

That may sound odd to our listeners in other countries, but it’s a strange custom made into law many years ago to regulate holidays for government employees. Quite simply, it’s easier on the personnel management process to have everyone take Mondays off rather than have holidays fall on different days of the work week. Some might recall in this custom the words of Daniel 7:25, which warn of a coming world system that will “make alterations in time and in law.”

That’s not exactly what Mike, Barry, and Hanoch discuss on this show, but it does touch on the conversation. They do honor our veterans, both American and Israeli, remembering the sacrifices they and their families have made. Al was not able to join them since he was honoring a very special veteran: his father-in-law, Chaplain Raymond Barry, who recently passed away and whose memorial service happened appropriately on Veterans Day. But then, as is our custom on The Remnant Road, the subject turned to the restoration of God’s Covenant nation, Israel. Hopefully you will be encouraged and inspired by the observations our hosts share. Most certainly you will be challenged! As you listen, think about this: are you watching expectantly for God to fulfill prophecy, or are you actively seeking to walk out that fulfillment as part of His answer for a sick and weary world?

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